The Pros and Cons of Buying Engine Rebuilding Kits

Posted on: 10 July 2017


People who would like to rebuild the engines of their cars have the option of buying engine rebuild kits or buying each of the components needed on its own. Each of these two options has its own pros and cons. This article discusses some of the benefits and the drawbacks of buying engine rebuild kits from the carmaker.

The Pros of Engine Rebuilding Kits

Part compatibility is assured. The biggest advantage that is associated with buying an engine rebuild kit is that you are sure that the different parts included in that kit will be compatible with your particular make and model of engine. This is because the same manufacturer who made your engine is the one who prepares the rebuild kit for use in that engine.

Unit costs can go down. Rebuild kits also offer car owners a way to keep the costs of rebuilding the engines of their cars affordable. This is because car manufacturers normally offer generous discounts to people who buy the kits. A typical engine rebuild kit may contain pistons, bearings and gaskets. Buying each of these items on its own can turn out to be very costly since no discount is likely to be offered on each of those parts.

Less time is required. The engine rebuilding process is likely to take less time if you buy a rebuild kit. This is because you can order for the rebuild kit before you take your car to the repair shop (assuming you don't want to rebuild the engine yourself). This is unlike what would happen if you first disassembled the engine in order to determine which parts are worn. You would then spend time looking for each of those parts from various auto shops. Alternatively, you would have to wait as those parts are shipped to you by the manufacturer. All that time wouldn't have been lost if you opted to use a rebuild kit.

The Cons of Using Engine Rebuilding Kits

You buy parts you don't need. Car manufacturers usually base on their experience when deciding which parts to include in the engine rebuilding kit. However, not all the components that are included in that kit may be needed in each engine rebuilding activity. For example, the cylinder head gaskets in your car may not need to be replaced. Thus, chances are high that you will pay for parts that are not needed when you buy an engine rebuilding kit.

Additional work may be forced on you. You may also be compelled to plan your rebuilding efforts in order to accommodate what is included in the kit. For example, engine rebuilders are often compelled to grind the crankshaft so that the bearings that are included in the kit can fit into the engine. This added task would have been avoided if you had bought the exact bearings that can fit the current dimensions of your crankshaft.

All in all, the benefits of buying the rebuild kit seem to outweigh any shortcomings given the assurance that your engine will perform in accordance with its design specifications once the rebuild is completed.