• 5 Common Causes Of Transmission Slipping

    Your transmission is responsible for distributing the energy created by your engine to your wheels, and it should make shifts cleanly and smoothly to ensure that happens. However, transmissions can sometimes start to slip. This essentially means that your vehicle 'slips' into a gear that doesn't match its current speed. A slipping transmission is something you'll want to address as soon as possible since it can reduce your control over the vehicle.
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  • What Does It Mean If Your Vehicle's Clutch Is Starting to Slip?

    If you drive a car fitted with a manual gearbox, you'll be used to its idiosyncrasies and can tell right away if something is wrong with the transmission. So, you may wonder what's happening if you engage a new gear, feedback the clutch and hear the engine load rise without much result. So, what is happening in this situation, and what should you do next? Clutch Mechanism Starting to Slip
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