4 Elements of Your Tyres that Should Be Checked Before Your Next Off-Road Holiday

Posted on: 14 June 2017


When it comes to off-road driving, nothing is better suited for the adventure than vehicles with 4 wheel drive transmission systems. But like other vehicles, these powerful automobiles require proper upkeep to keep running safely and efficiently. One of the components of 4WD vehicles that take quite a beating during off-roading trips are the tyres. Yes, it is the tyres that are in constant contact with the ground when four by fours are traversing rocky hills, deep mud, desert sands, and other challenging terrains. For that reason, it is critical that you have your tyres checked before getting into your 4WD vehicle to start exploring the world. 

When you take your 4WD vehicle to an auto service shop for tyre service before heading out for your trip, here is what will often be checked.

Tread depth: For tyres on four by fours to easily conquer the various obstacles they may encounter during off-roading trips, they must have good tread depth. Tread depth is important to ensure the tyres maintain a good grip of the road surface, so that they can provide proper traction. Your mechanic can measure your tread depth with a tread depth gauge or by checking the tread indicators found on the tread grooves within the tyres. If they determine that your tyres do not have sufficient tread depth, they will recommend tyre replacement.

General wear and tear of tyres: During tyre service, your mechanic will visually inspect your tyres to check for general damage that may lead to tyre failure. If the rubber part of your tyres has bulges, irregular tread wear, cracked sidewalls, cuts, and other forms of physical damage, your mechanic may determine that they are not in a good-enough condition to encounter the rough terrains that await you. For that reason, you may be advised to purchase new tyres before leaving for your off-roading expedition. 

Tyre pressure: Many people often overlook the importance of checking their tyre pressure before going out off-roading. In most cases, this usually ends up being a big mistake. There are lots of good reasons as to why correct tyre inflation is required at all times. It helps improve traction, minimise premature wear of tyres, reduce road safety hazards, and even boost fuel efficiency. Your mechanic will measure your tyre pressure with a pressure gauge and add more air to any tyres without sufficient pressure.

Wheel balance and alignment: Last but not least, your mechanic will perform wheel alignment and wheel balancing to ensure your tyres and wheels work well together when you are out there exploring the world. Wheels that are not properly balanced or have been thrown out of alignment can compromise vehicle safety and also cut your off-roading adventure short at any time. 

Now that you have a clue about what is usually done during tyre servicing and the importance of each procedure, you should not skip having your 4WD vehicle's tyres serviced before going for your next off-roading event.