Why You Should Listen to the Manufacturer When They Recommend Servicing for Your New Car

Posted on: 28 June 2017


Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a rebel? If so, you might like to do things your own way and blaze your own trail. In short, you don't like other people telling you what to do. However, if you've recently bought a car and think that the logbook is simply just some peripheral paperwork, you may be inclined to store it away and forget it. Before you do that, ask yourself why experts recommend that your car gets a regular log book servicing and consider what is involved.

At the Very Least, Do This

At the bare minimum, you should be conducting what is known in the industry as a "safety" service, twice per year. This would involve replacing the engine oil and filter, topping up all the fluids, inspecting the hoses and belts and testing the battery to see if it is still serviceable. You need to check the cooling system and the charging system and make sure that the brakes are okay. It's really a basic service, but it's looking after your investment and making sure that you are safe.

Having a Good Look

To go a step further, consider a major service which will cost a bit more but give you twice as long in terms of peace of mind, up to 2 years or 30,000 km. Here, electrical and electronic components need to be checked, including the engine management system. The mechanic will need to run a full diagnostic scan and analyse any fault codes. Other items will need to be swapped out, including fuel and air filters and your spark plugs.

Some experts recommend that you consider replacing all the brake fluid in the system, as microscopic particles of rust can build up, as can tiny air bubbles. Together, these can compromise efficiency and safety.

Looking Deeper

Once every few years, you really want to do an ultimate service as well. This will include a full engine decarbonisation, dismantling of the fuel injector system and possibly a transmission flush.

Why It All Makes Sense

As you can see, your vehicle has a lot of moving parts and a lack of attention can often cause a failure. This is why the manufacturers recommend servicing according to a schedule. You'll also find that it'll be easier to sell your vehicle if your logbook is complete and up-to-date, as otherwise people will be very suspicious about the true mechanical health of the car.