Caravan Insurance Repair Process: How It Works

Posted on: 8 December 2017


Though caravans are non-motorised vehicles, they can break down or get damaged just like cars, SUVs and other motorised vehicles. When a caravan breaks down, it will need repair service. But because caravan owners can never tell when they may need caravan repair service and if they will have money necessary for repair work, it is always prudent to stay ahead of things by getting caravan insurance. As a caravan owner, you may be interested in knowing how the insurance repair process works before deciding on getting caravan insurance. 

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how the insurance repair process works.

You make a claim.

The first thing you will need to do when your caravan breaks down or gets damaged is to make a claim to your insurer. While the process of making a claim may vary from insurer to insurer, caravan insurers generally require that you consult your policy condition to confirm that you're covered for the damage that has happened. 

If you're covered, then you may proceed to fill a claim form and submit it to your insurer as soon as possible. In case of malicious damage to your caravan, you will need to inform the police so they can initiate criminal investigations — be sure to take down your crime reference number. If you're unable to obtain quotes for repair within the specified period, you can still go ahead and return the duly completed claim form while pointing out that the necessary estimates for repair will be presented later on. 

You make a booking for repair.

Caravan insurers typically work with designated caravan repair services. Once you've made a claim to your insurer, you will need to contact one of your insurer's caravan repairers and ask them when you can take your caravan for repair. The staff at your chosen caravan repair shop will let you know when you can deliver your caravan.

You drop off your caravan for repair.

Tow your caravan to the repair location on the agreed date. If your caravan is not in towable condition, you will need to arrange for it to be hauled away on a trailer. Your caravan repairer will inspect your caravan and update you on the repair times, availability of replacement parts and projected completion time.

You pick up your repaired caravan. 

This marks the end of the caravan insurance repair process. You simply drive your SUV or tow vehicle to the caravan repairer's work station, attach the caravan to the tow vehicle and drive away. Your caravan repair service will liaise with your insurer regarding how the repair costs will be settled.

If you think getting caravan insurance is a great way to sort out your caravan repair problems, contact the staff at a trusted auto insurance company today to discuss your situation.