3 Reasons to Have Logbook Service for Your New Car Performed at the Same Dealership Where You Purchased It

Posted on: 13 February 2018


Being aware that your car will need to be serviced is one thing, but knowing when the vehicle is due for service is a totally different thing. The good news is that car manufacturers contemplate this situation, and therefore, recommend that all new car owners should perform logbook service. Logbook service refers to a set of manufacturer-recommended services carried out on a car at specific time intervals or after the vehicle has covered a set number of kilometres. The information on the manufacturer-recommended car service is usually included in the vehicle's logbook, which comes with the car. 

If you purchased your new car from the dealership, it is important to have your logbook service performed there. Why is this important? Continue reading on below to find out. 

Ensure your car gets quality service

Most car manufacturers invest heavily in a network of dealerships to increase car sales and improve customer experience. Therefore, it is a wise decision to have your logbook service performed at the dealership where you bought it since the people working there are manufacturer-trained and probably have the latest equipment to diagnose any problem with your specific car type, brand or model. 

Protect your warranty

New cars bought from the dealership come with a dealership warranty. To avoid forfeiting this warranty, it is important that you ensure your car's logbook service is performed correctly. There's no better way to avoid voiding your warranty than to let the same people you bought your car from to carry out logbook servicing on the vehicle.  

Protect the resale value of your car

To get the best price for your car should you decide to resell it at some point in the future, the vehicle will need to be in sound working condition. One of the things that potential car buyers will be looking to check is how well you maintained the vehicle. With documented proof that your car's logbook service was done at the dealership where you bought it, you have a better chance at haggling for a higher price for your vehicle.

With so many car types, makes and models imported from different countries being sold on the Australian auto market, it is understandable why you may feel exhilarated to finally find a car that suits your needs. Buying a new set of wheels is not a small investment, so you will need to do everything possible to retain the value of your vehicle. In this regard, one of the priority items on your to-do list will be to ensure your car gets timely logbook service.