Why Regular Truck Fleet Maintenance Is of the Utmost Importance

Posted on: 25 April 2019


Fleet management is not an easy task, especially for medium and large size fleets. The logistics include ensuring all the trucks are on-road, attending to customer needs, in good service, and on schedule. One of the easiest ways to ease the headache is to ensure each truck undergoes maintenance. Engage a professional truck service company for a scheduled arrangement. This provides you with the following benefits.

Safer Drivers and Low Liability 

Long distance driving is risky, to say the least. The longer you are on the road, the higher the chances of getting into road accidents. Poorly maintained vehicles increase the risk of certain malfunctions while on transit, such as brake failure, steering malfunctions, random breakdowns and more. In addition, accidents are a liability to the fleet owner due to liability insurance, compensation and downtime due to injuries. 

Regular maintenance by a trained professional ensures that the vehicle is in optimum working condition at all time. In addition, it ensures the drivers have peace of mind — this translates to more work satisfaction and increased productivity.

Fleet Efficiency and Professionalism

A fleet should run like a well-oiled machine — smooth and without glitches. With scheduled regular maintenance, the whole fleet is available to attend to the clients' requirements. Lack of maintenance usually means some trucks are off-service, leading to driver redundancy and extra costs such as truck rentals.

Unroadworthy trucks, from the actual physical look to other intricacies, such as engine noise and smoky exhausts, are a sure turn off for customers. A well-trained truck service specialist both cleans and services the lubrication, transmission, electrical systems and so on. Clean and well-maintained fleets exude professionalism and efficiency. This will have customers trooping to your door.

Improved Drive Time and Mileage

A productive and profitable fleet thrives on low downtime and optimum mileage. Clients expect you to get their goods to the destination on time and in prime condition. Breakdowns significantly affect service delivery. It can also be costly as some clients charge late delivery fees.  

Routine maintenance ensures that all the trucks in the fleet are available when needed. In this case, ensure the maintenance happens during the off-road hours. This gives the drivers enough time to rest and keeps your fleet in optimum condition without affecting turnover.

Although maintenance comes at a fee, especially for a fleet of trucks, the gains are more than worth it. A clean and well-maintained fleet attracts customers, keeps drivers and other road users safe, improves business efficiency and reduces costs. Engage a professional truck service company for scheduled maintenance arrangement for your fleet. As part of the package, they might even offer discounted or free extra services such as road assistance and discounted spares.