How Can You Look After Your Car Battery, So It Looks After You?

Posted on: 27 April 2022


Nobody thinks about their car battery until they cannot start the vehicle when they're late for a meeting. Yet the typical battery will be more reliable when its owner pays more attention to its welfare and makes sure that they keep up with scheduled maintenance. If you've been sidelined by a recalcitrant battery in recent times and want to avoid such a situation in the future, what can you do to look after this crucial component more effectively?


Many owners use their vehicles for short bursts at a time, which may be a simple commute to work or a trip to the local superstore. It's very difficult to charge the battery during such short journeys, and it's a good idea to schedule a longer trip from time to time to help achieve this. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to invest in a trickle charger, which will slowly add a small amount of charge to the battery so that it is not in danger of going flat again.

Reducing the Start-Up Load

Many modern-day vehicles are equipped with an array of electronic gadgets on board. Certainly, they are designed to switch off completely when the vehicle is unoccupied, but you should get into the habit of turning them off at the switch rather than by the ignition key. This means that they will automatically be in the "off" position when you first activate the key the next morning, so the battery won't have to deal with those gadgets when it is called upon to start the engine. This is a small but nevertheless good idea, with the overall longevity of the battery in mind.

Cleaning the Battery

When was the last time that you opened the bonnet and had a good look inside? Check the battery to see if it is still securely attached and to make sure that it is not overly dirty. You should carefully remove any of that blue/green substance on the battery posts or cables, as this can certainly lead to degradation. You may notice more corrosion around the battery terminals if you haven't been driving the vehicle much, which may indicate that the battery is not correctly charging.

Regular Servicing

When you take your vehicle in for a full service, the mechanic will automatically check all circuits and ensure that the alternator is properly charging the battery. They will also clean the outside of the battery casing and check the terminals so that you stand much less chance of a failure.

Replacement Batteries

Remember, not all batteries are the same, and you should ensure that you have the proper one fitted for your make and model. Talk with your car battery provider if you are unsure.